Let them eat cake

Bonjour. My name is Fran├žois Bonnefois, a baron that serves his king and queen. Please, stay for a glass of wine or perhaps we can go hunting together.

Status: Healthy and happy (Age 21)
Current date: March 1773
M!A: None.
Relationship: Bachelor.

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Troix dames sont entrés dans le Château de Versailles

"Bonjour. Welcome at the wonderful Palace of Versailles! I am Fran├žois and I shall be your guidance for today. May I know your name?"

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    She smiled softly. “I’m afraid you are mistaken Mr. François, I hail from Liechtenstein.” She paused for a moment. “But...
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    She returned the smile taking his arm, unfolding her fan, “That will be wonderful, grazie. My master will not be able to...
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    "Rory…" He frowned slightly, the name being hard to pronunce for him. "Where are you from, darling? I haven’t heard of a...
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    "Bonjour, how are you? My name’s Rory Koga."